Oliver Pattison

documentary photography

Oliver Pattison, a documentary photographer

I take pictures in a humanistic style for individuals, families, and businesses who want a realistic document of their life or work.

I shoot in a quick and candid style, with subjects in their natural environments. I tend to take mostly unposed pictures but I can also collaborate with you on a story you would like to tell. I am a careful editor who can help shape a narrative for you and deliver consistent results in a distinctive style. I want to help you record something honest and emotional, whether through a portrait or framing a small moment in your life.

Say hello and let me know what you’re looking for.

More About Me

I live in Colorado Springs with my partner Jean and our dog Sapphie. Living here balances my love for living near the mountains with access to a city that has so many opportunities to connect with other people, go hiking and running, volunteer, and build community.

My Process

I have been taking photography seriously for many years and what keeps me engaged with the practice is the contrast between the creativity that the medium requires, and the technical aspects that are needed to achieve those creative goals. I can talk about photography gear and camera settings until we’re both bored of the conversation, but I’d much rather talk about composition, color, or the philosophy of photography!

I got into photography by taking pictures of events for a non-profit that I worked for, which trained me to take pictures quickly and decisively before moments are gone forever. I am particularly interested in how the human experience can be preserved through still photography, especially when complemented by evocative storytelling with writing, audio, or video.

I care about what photographs are eventually used for and that informs the approach I take. Some people need photographs for a straightforward business need, but there is still a big difference between pictures that tell a cohesive story, or connect emotionally with an audience, and pictures that do not. Other people need a portrait, but there is a big difference between a portrait that is a flattering picture of a person’s face, and a portrait that shows what a person is really like. Knowing what a photo is for is essential to getting that balance right.

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