Oliver Pattison

documentary photography

  • the moment of impact as a blacksmith’s hammer hits a piece of iron
  • David Bradley, blacksmith hammering a spoon in his work space
  • a mural being painted in downtown Colorado Springs
  • a painter’s brush working on a mural being painted in downtown Colorado Springs
  • a portrait of hiker in early morning light on top of a mountain
  • silhouettes of volunteers on the summit at sunrise
  • a view of the summit house on the top of Pikes Peak
  • a distant view down the side of Pikes Peak and surrounding mountains from higher up on Barr
  • volunteers carrying materials on Barr Trail
  • a smiling volunteer carrying a new support pole on Barr Trail
  • finishing cutting through a support for the a-frame structure
  • people working on a construction scene at the Pikes Peak A-Frame
  • a light blue Volkswagen Beetle, head on
  • a steep mountainside and ridgeline viewed from afar
  • a person hiking up switchbacks over a scree field to the top of Redcloud Peak
  • detail of a person using hiking poles on a trial
  • Jean and Sapphie hiking in the snow
  • a conifer forest on a mountainside covered in dense snow
  • snowy mountainsides viewed from a distance, emerging through the fog
  • a dog smiling at the camera, covering a person’s face
  • two dogs locked in a play fight, mirroring each other
  • dogs waiting to be fed at the table
  • a portrait of Sapphie the dog standing on top of a mountain smiling
  • mountain peaks with a marsh below
  • trail marker for Continental Divide Trail and Colorado Trail
  • a mountain peak with snow

Hello. I’m Oliver, a photographer based in Colorado Springs.

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