Oliver Pattison

documentary photography

Sapphie the dog with a backpack on, looking out from a mountainside trail
detail of a person using hiking poles on a trial
a treeless mountainside viewed from afar, near Redcloud Mountain
high contrast view of a mountain peak, Redcloud Peak
scree on a mountainside in the foreground, with a view into the valley, a winding road through American Basin
a person hiking up switchbacks over a scree field to the top of Redcloud Peak
a pile of rocks forming a cairn on top of a mountain, looking out to other tall mountains
a tired black dog’s paws resting on loose rocks on a mountain peak
a sleeping black dog on a mountaintop, in profile, with mountains in the scenery behind
a steep mountainside and ridgeline viewed from afar, near Redcloud and Sunshine, Lake City Colorado
a stream flowing down a mountain meadow, near a tree line, remote Colorado wilderness

Redcloud and Sunshine

These two peaks in Hinsdale County, Colorado are best hiked in one day, at the same time. They are fairly accessible as fourteeners go, but are still strenuous hikes mostly above tree line. The views from the top are some of the most exceptional in the state, surrounded by a wild landscape with almost no human development visible in all directions. Being at the top of these mountains is one of the most remote and alien experiences I have had while hiking.