Oliver Pattison

documentary photography

a hiking dog at Barr Camp on a wooden porch
chimney and communications antenna at Barr Camp cabin, on a snow-covered roof
front exterior sight at Barr Camp cabin on Barr Trail, half way to Pikes Peak, elevation 10200 feet
old guest log books, interior of Barr Camp cabin
books on interior shelves, straight on view, interior of Barr Camp cabin
sun shining through paned glass of the door to the dark interior of Barr Camp cabin
an interior window on a slanted roof in Barr Camp, piled with snow, dark room
greenish bark of young aspen trees against a snowy forest background on Barr Trail near Barr Camp
a handwritten sign across Barr Trail by El Paso County Search and Rescue advising that hikers should not attempt a summit attempt of Pikes Peak in the snow

Every time I stop at Barr Camp, I end up meeting interesting people and learning more about the history of the trail. It’s a friendly place, and we are lucky to have such a hospitable spot halfway up the mountain.

Those huge piles of books on the top shelf contain the names of thousands of people over the years who have signed their name on their way to Pikes Peak. My name is in there a few times, as well.