Oliver Pattison

documentary photography

motion blur shot of microphone and hands using hand-made instruments at a performance event, high contrast
motion blurred movement of Jasmine Dillavou in a white translucent dress performing with hand-made instruments at a low table
five people crowded around a microphone on a low table, using hand-made instruments at a performance event
Jasmine Dillavou, performing at the Sound Seance event
Drew Geiger, a musician, sitting on a floor in a performance space at Kreuser Gallery with a laptop and effects pedals, focused on his work
Jasmine Dillavou, performing at the Sound Seance event
materials to be used as handmade instruments for a live performance, laid out on a wooden table
white cloth and dried flowers next to a rug in a performing arts space, monochrome detail
an empty bottle with arranged dry flowers, lit up from behind within a performing arts set, monochrome
close up of two people moving their hands together in unison while collaborating, smiling
a person’s hand placing dried flowers on white cloth as a part of a decoration for a performance, monochromatic

Sound Séance

This past week, I enjoyed working on close documentary photography of the Sound Séance performance with Jasmine Dillavou and Drew Geiger. The interactive performance was held at the Kreuser Gallery, featuring hand-made instruments and improvised loops. This is moving and boundary-pushing work that showcases how exciting the arts communities are in Colorado Springs.